I’m just gonna make a decision and say I’m not gonna be on tumblr for the next few weeks.

I’m not gonna say why this time. But if I’ll be back when I know I’ve done what I said I would.

the only thing i hate about pokemon is that mewtwo comes before mew in the pokedex because mew is the ~*undiscovered 151*~ but like wait rewind pause teleport like what the fuck did y’all not think that through or am i missing something or????

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Your Love | Nicole Scherzinger

"In the early 2010s, prominent artists like DrakeLil Wayne2 ChainzKendrick LamarMachine Gun Kelly, and Macklemore began to dominate the mainstream music scene.” - Wikipedia, “American Popular Music”

Hmmmmmmm so we have Macklemore, who’s been relevant for two seconds, and Machine Gun Kelly, who doesn’t even have a hit to his name. but they both white

Now I’m not saying they got on the list because they white but…………………….. mmmmmmm…………………..



i love the Women Against Feminism that are like “I dont need feminism because i can admit i need my husband to open a jar for me and thats ok!” cause listen 1. get a towel 2. get the towel damp 3. put it on the lid and twist. BAM now men are completely useless. you, too, can open a jar. time to get a divorce

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Crazy Stupid Love | Cheryl Cole

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Like I know america really isn’t big on euro dance pop anymore but like Cheryl Cole’s new song “Crazy Stupid Love” honestly would slay here because it’s just very pop if she had a name but they just never chose to release anything here like okay???



drake stoppin the game to see if the ladies in the crowd are being treated well

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it’s so sad that europe has all these really really cool mainstream pop music artists that people in the US will have never heard of because for some reason they just don’t release music here like you got Girls Aloud and Take That and just loads of artists who will get #1 albums in every single country around the world except america because they don’t release material here.

y’all made a big deal of Adele and 1D and The Wanted bringing the british invasion back, but there’s so many better artists who’ve been making good ass quality music for ages but just never got the chance and that’s really weird and sad to me?